We Specialize in Helping Media Companies
Flourish Through Mobile



Dailies, weeklies, shoppers, magazines: whatever the print product, our custom mobile solutions can help expand its reach, provide more value to advertisers and generate new revenue.
  1. Extend your print coverage with RSS and XML feeds
  2. Connect with readers in a new way with multimedia and social media integration
  3. Engage users with push notifications and user-generated content
  4. Earn incremental income with a variety of advertising and sponsorship options


Extend coverage or build out a niche mobile product to fit the market with a rich feature set and multiple co-branding, sponsorship and advertising options.
  1. Fill a need in your community with a customized mobile solution
  2. Offer new opportunities for advertisers to promote their businesses and connect with consumers
  3. Utilize multimedia, photo galleries, interactive maps and more to share your stories
  4. Interact with audiences with push notifications and user-generated content

Specialty Media

Video producers, digital publishers and other non-traditional media companies can deliver content to a wider audience in the preferred mobile format with our flexible platform.

  1. Expand your reach and build a larger audience for your content
  2. Generate new revenue with a variety of unique monetization options
  3. Connect with users through interactive features and social media integration
  4. Deliver multimedia, GPS mapping and on-the-fly updates seamlessly


Our approach offers customized solutions with flexible options, rapid development time and exceeding value to meet your goals. We handle all of the technical aspects so that you can concentrate on creating great content for your unique audience.

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