Revenue Generation

Develop a Monetization Strategy that Fits Your Unique Market

Flexible Options to Monetize Your Mobile Solution

zNewsroom's Full Digital Platform™ offers a wide variety of features and options for generating incremental revenue. The specifics of your revenue strategy including which monetization options to utilize, the rates you charge and your sales methodologies are completely up to you!

zNewsroom does not take any percentage of the advertising revenue generated. The flexible nature of our platform means that you can add or remove different ad formats and sponsorship features immediately “on the fly” to respond quickly to market forces or advertiser interests.

Traditional Advertising Options

Traditional advertising options are an easy and straight-forward way to monetize your mobile solution. Create a new rate card for mobile display ads or extend your existing print and online rate cards to include mobile exposure for advertisers with increased rates.

  1. Full Digital Platform Display Ad Module - Banners, Interstitials & Inline Display Ads utilize custom artwork & settings.
  2. AdMob & DFP Network Support - Utilize external ad networks to add Banners & Interstitials.
  3. Classified Ads - Extend your classified ad program to a new platform for additional exposure.

Inline Display Ads

Banner Display Ads

Interstitial Display Ads

Sponsored Content Options

Sponsored content options allow you to bolster valuable content that engages app users while also generating revenue and offering advertisers new ways to connect with consumers.

  1. Basic, Enhanced & Premium Listings - Combine multimedia & dynamic content types to create a rate card of listing options.
  2. Native Advertising - Utilize a variety of “Ad Badge” options to clearly distinguish editorial from sponsored content.
  3. Sponsored Push Notifications - Offer direct access to users for promoting deals, events & time-sensitive announcements.
  4. Paid Events, Coupons & Deals - Expand revenue with these popular forms of content that also drive user retention.
  5. “Pay to Play” Model - Allow businesses to purchase listings in order to participate creating advertiser exclusivity.
  6. Home Screen & Category Sponsorships - Add custom text attributions to navigation blocks identifying sponsors.

Partner for Greater Success

Other organizations throughout your community share common goals: reaching citizens and visitors, delivering useful information and services, and supporting local businesses. Organizations such as the chamber of commerce, downtown association or hospital are all trying to reach the same audience. Working with community partners can make your app project more viable and successful, and the zNewsroom platform enables this type of collaboration to maximize audience, reach and revenue.

  1. Community Partnerships - Partner with other organizations to co-brand the app to offer exclusive content & features.
  2. Master Sponsorships - Utilize branding throughout the app to offer maximum exposure for major sponsors.
  3. “App-within-an-App” Sections - Dedicated sections with unique content, branding & navigation for each partner.
  4. Event Partnerships - Major event partners utilize the app to promote & support attendees in a dynamic mobile format.
  5. Mobile Loyalty Cards - Offer mobile loyalty programs complete with digital stamps, GPS verification & QR codes.

If you have content, zNewsroom can help you monetize it on mobile.