Flexible Mobile Apps That Connect,
Engage & Drive Incremental Revenue.


Mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to communicate, promote, engage, and grow your audience. The Full Digital Platform™ provides native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Our approach offers customized flexible solutions, rapid development time, and exceeding value.

We handle all of the technical aspects so that you can concentrate on creating content for your audience and developing new digital monetization strategies for your sales team.


Images & Slideshows

Video & Audio Files

Sports Teams & Scores

Social Media Integration

Locations &
Map Points

Ads & Sponsorship Options


Tours & Itineraries



Articles &

Coupons &


Directories & Categories

Passport & Loyalty Programs

RSS/XML & API Feed Integration

Multi-User CMS Access

Analytics & Reports


Flexible & Adaptable

Your business isn’t static and neither is your app. Our platform now offers the highest level of support for dynamic changes. From graphics and navigation down to every individual piece of content, changes are reflected in real-time.
  • Unique modular design showcases listings, images & slideshows in a variety of formats
  • Scrolling screen layouts highlight info without limits
  • Update the full user experience on the fly through the CMS

Broad Content Support

Don’t be limited by the types of content and formats you can use to connect with your audience. Include any combination of locations, events, articles, photos, videos, coupons, RSS feeds, social media, polls, foreign language content, and more to create a unique mobile product for your market.
  • Create a valuable user experience
  • Engage users with a variety of multimedia
  • Make dynamic content changes as your messaging evolves
  • Offer flexible options to partners, sponsors & advertisers

Interactive Features

Develop an app that supports your goals and engages users with a variety of interactive features such as social sharing, “Share a News Tip” submission forms, push notifications, and voting campaigns.
  • Attract & retain app users with valuable functionality
  • Encourage user generated content
  • Build relationships with your audience & advertisers that extend across platforms

Monetization Options

We understand that for a mobile project to be sustainable over time, it needs to generate revenue for your organization. That is why we have created a fully-customizable platform with over 10 revenue-generating options, enabling you to develop a monetization strategy that fits your unique organization.
  • Sell a variety of sponsored placement sizes & formats to fit any advertiser big or small
  • Utilize traditional display ads, banners, interstitials & ad networks
  • Incorporate native advertising, sponsored content & featured listings
  • Offer exclusive sponsorship, co-branding & partnership opportunities
  • Create value for advertisers with forced-buy & bundling programs
  • Build out a rate card of options based on the needs of your advertisers, audience & market

Americans spend 5 hours a day on their mobile phones.
92% of that time is spent using apps.

- Flurry Analytics, March 2017

Location-based Features

Deliver location-aware information directly to your audience’s fingertips. GPS and iBeacon “triggering” alerts users when a featured business, event, or deal location is reached.
  • Engage users with content relevant to their current location
  • Create location-based multimedia experiences
  • Offer support with integrated mapping & turn-by-turn directions

Analytics & Reporting

Powerful analytics and reporting software enables you to track your app performance and gather audience insights. Measure your content and marketing successes, and make data-driven decisions to enhance and optimize your mobile project over time.
  • Explore all types of user activity
  • Access real-time metrics on app downloads & user retention
  • Generate reports for advertisers
  • Determine which content & features are most valuable

Cloud-based CMS

Gain the ultimate control over your mobile solution with our online content management system. Easily maintain your app and your responsive website content with no double-entry. The online CMS offers multi-user access options with tiered administration levels enabling you to empower partners and sponsors to update their own content as desired.
  • Web-based system for entering, editing & managing all content
  • No software to install or upgrade
  • Cloud-based data hosting included
  • API, RSS & XML integration available

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